Springs in Odisha

Springs in Odisha

The springs in Odisha have mostly developed on the eastern and western slopes of the Eastern Ghats due to heavy rainfall and hard Gondwana gneiss rocks. The springs in Odisha are discussed below:


Atri Hot Spring,
Atri Hot Spring

This hot spring is located in Khurda district. It is best known for its hot sulfur spring, which has medicinal values.

Lord Hatakeswara Mahadev Shrine is located near this spring. The temperature of this spring remains constant at 55°C.


Deulajhari Hot Spring,
Deulajhari Hot Spring
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This hot spring is situated in the Angul district of Odisha. Its water originates below a Shivalinga. It is a famous pilgrimage site in Odisha. The temperature of this spring varies from 40°C to 62°C. The hot spring is channeled into 36 ponds on the outskirts of the Shiva temple.


Taptapani Hot Spring,
Taptapani Hot Spring

This hot spring is located close to Mohana town in the Gajapati district of Odisha. It is situated on the eastern slope of the Eastern Ghats, at the crest of the hill. Its water has medicinal properties due to its sulfur properties. The temperature of this hot spring varies from 90°C to 100°C.


Tarabalo Hot Spring,
Tarabalo Hot Spring

There are a number of hot springs in Tarabalo, in the Nayagarh district of Odisha. These hot springs lie over an area of 8 acres. Tarabalo hot spring is the largest thermal field in Odisha and has medicinal properties due to its sulfuric water. Its water is used to treat many skin diseases. It is also a famous picnic spot in Odisha.

Other important springs in Odisha

  Name of the SpringLocation/District
  Mahavinayak BarunelKhurdha
  Nirmal JharKahllikot in Ganjam district
  Gosing JharNear Kantilo in Nayagarh district
  JharbadaNear Malayagiri in the Dhenkanal district





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