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ODISHA Arts & Crafts MCQ

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Which of the following places in Odisha is associated with calligraphy textiles or Phetas of Odisha ?

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The items made out of bamboo roots by the artisans of Rangiamunda have very good demand in the market. Rangiamunda is located in the district of:

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Lac craft is mainly done in

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Which of the following is made as a part of rituals during mandala ?

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The magnificent horn works are speciality of which district in Odisha ?

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Bomkai, Kataki, Sambalpuri are important form of

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The red color used in the Rock Paintings of Odisha was extracted from which of the following ?

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'Manji Gunda' is a type of:

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By what name is the design drawn on the floor by women using rice powder or chalk powder known ?

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The ethnic painting of which of the following tribes is popularity known as the Idital painting ?

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Which paintings are also known as ikons or Idital ?

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Ulapgarh and Vikramkhol in Jharsuguda district are famous for which of the following work in Odisha ?

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Jajang & Barua of Kendrapara, Gadamadhupur Of Jajpur, Japanga of Sundergarh and Gop in Puri district are famous for which of the following indigenous crafts in Odisha ?

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What is common about Adakata in Nayagarh, Sadeibareni in Dhenkanal, Kuliana in Mayurbhanj, Jhigidi in Rayagada and Narsinghpur in Cuttack districts ?

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Which of the following regions is originally famous for Patta and Tassor Painting (Pattachitras) ?

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Which craft is common to Raghurajpur of Puri district, Kakarudrapur & Kenduvilwa in Khurda district, Kendupali (Kalapathar) in Cuttack district and Old town area of Bhubaneswar ?

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'Sahana-pathara' and 'Muguni-pathara' used in stone carving in Odisha are in fact:

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Dhokra is an alloy of brass, nickel and:

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The artisans of Brass & Bell metal in Odisha are traditionally called:

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Bisamcuttak in Rayagada district is well known for:

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Which of the following is NOT famous for Metal work Handicraft in Odisha.

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Banpur in Khurda, Talabasta in Cuttack, Tumudibandha in Kandhamal and Narla in Kalahandi districts are mostly famous for:

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Kantilo in Naygarh District is well known for:

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Consider the following places in Odisha.
1. Cuttack 2. Parlakhemundi
3. Raghurajpur 4. Kakarudrapur
Which of the above places are famous for Horn works ?

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Vichitrapuri, Chandrika, Nabagunja, Asman Tara and Krishnapriya are the names of:

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Which of the following is common about Pipii, Butapalli, Khalikote, Tushra and Chikiti in Odisha ?

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'Lacquer Toys' a popular handicraft in Odisha is found mainly in:

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'Terracotta' handicraft has its place of origin in:

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The Bomkai saree is named after the village where the craft is practised Bomakai village is in which of the following districts of Odisha ?

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Golden Sand Institute, an open air institute for popularisation of sand art form, is located in:

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Prajapati community in Nabarangapur, Sankhari community in Balasore and Jaura community in Rayagada districts are specially known for:

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Which of the following has been a well-known centre for the silver filigree work since ages ?

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Barapalli in Bargarh, Nuagaon in Khurda, Lunuka in Jagatsinghpur, Sorispadar in Rayagada and Baghapalli of Bolangir districts are famous for which of the following crafts in Odisha ?

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Which of the following are used in the craft of Papier Mache ?

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