Math MCQ Part-5

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Math MCQ Part-5

Math MCQ Part-5

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A sum of RS. 125 is dívided
among u, v and win such a way
that u gets Rs. 10 more thanu
and vgets Rs. 5 more than w.
What is the ratio of their shares ?

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When an integer n is divided by
8, the remainder is 3. What will
be the remainder if 6n-1 is
dívíded by 8 ?

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The average weight of A, B and
C is 55kg. The average weight of
A and B is 52 kg and that of B
and C is 48 kg, The weight of B

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Find the greatest number which
will divide 42, 49 and 56 and
leave remainders 6, 7 and 8

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A shopkeeper sells milk which
contains 5% water. What quan-
tity of pure milk should be add-
ed to 2 litres of milk (containing
5% water) so that proportion of
water becomes 4% ?

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What distance will be covered
by a bus moving at 108 km/h
in 40 seconds ?

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5 women can complete a work
in 8 days, while & children take
10 days to complete the same
work. How many days will 2
women and 4 children take to
complete the work ?

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A certain sum of money amounts
to Rs. 2200 at 5% p.a. rate of
interest, Rs. 2320 at 8% interest
in the same period of time. The
period of time is:

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A shopkeeper purchases two
items for Rs. 520. One of them
is sold gaining 16% and the oth-
er at a loss of 10%, thus making
no profit or loss. What is the sell-
ing price of the item sold at loss ?

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The sum of the nunber of male
and female students in an insti-
tute is l00. If the number of male
students is x, then the number
of female students becomes %
of the total number of students.
Find the number of male stu-

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