Math MCQ Part-10


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Math MCQ Part-10

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Math MCQ Part-10

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A car can cover a distance of 18 km in 24 minutes. The speed of a bus is twice the speed of car. In what time will the bus cover a distance of 135 km ?

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If 60% of a number is equal to three-fourth of another number. what is the ratio of the first number to the second number ?

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A reduction of 20% in the price of wheat enables Bhuvnesh to buy 5 kg more wheat for 320. The original rate (in rupees per kg ) of wheat was:

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Ajay buys 18 oranges for Rs. 90 and sells 15 oranges for Rs. 105. Find the percentage of his gain.

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In one litre of a mixture of alcohol and water, water is 30%. The amount of alcohol that must be added to the mixture so that the part of water in the mixture becomes 15% is:

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If the profit on selling an article for Rs. 425 is the same as the loss on selling it for Rs. 355, then the cost price of the article is

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A certain sum becomes Rs. 1020 in 5 years and Rs. l200 in 8 years at simple interest. What is the value of principal ?

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Of the three numbers, the first number is twice of the second and the second is thrice of the third number. If the average of these 3 numbers is 20, then the sum of the largest and smallest numbers is

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If x: y=1:2, find the value of (2x+4y): (x+4y).

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At what percentage rate, compound interest compounded annually for a sum of Rs. 40,000, will amount to Rs. 44,100 in two years ?

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