Math MCQ Part-3

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Math MCQ Part-3

Math MCQ Part-3

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A cricketer has a mean score of 60 runs in 10 innings. Find out how many runs are to be scored in the eleventh innings to raise the mean score to 62 ?

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Monty paid a simple interest of Rs. 480 on a particular sum after 2 years. The rate was 8% per annum. Find the sum.

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Two taps A and B can fill a tank in 10 hours and 12 hours respectively. If the two taps are openedat 10 a.m., then at what time should the tap A be closed to completely fill the tank at exactly 4 p.m.?

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A tank can be filled by pipe A in 2 hours and pipe B in 6 hours. At 10 A.M. pipe A was opened. At what time will the tank be filled if pipe B is opened at 11A.M.?

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A man walks from his house at an average speed of 5 km per hour and reaches his office 6 minutes late. If he walks at an average speed of 6 km/h he reaches 2 minutes early. The distance of the office from his house is :

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In an examination, 19% students fail in Mathematics and 10% students fail in English. If 7% of all students fail in both subjects, then the number of students passed in both subjects is:

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If the selling price of an article is 32% more than its cost price and the discount offered on its marked price is 12%, then what is the ratio of its cost price to the marked price ?

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The compound interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years, compounded annually, at a rate of interest of 10% per annum is Rs. 1324. The sum is:

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864 is divided among A, Band C such that 8 times A's share is equal to 12 times B's share and also equal to 6 times C's share. How much did B get ?

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A milkman makes 20% profit by selling milk mixed with water at 9 per liter. If the cost price of 1 liter pure milk is 10, then the ratio of milk and water in the said mixture is :

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