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Math MCQ Part-12

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Math MCQ Part-12

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The cost of two varieties of tea is Rs. 300 and Rs. 375 respectively. If both the varieties of tea are mixed together in the ratio 3: 2, then what should be the price of mixed variety of tea per kg ?

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Prasad alone can complete a work in 144 davs, How many people were rquired with the same eficieney as Prasad to complete the same work in 16 days ?

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In a certain time, the ratio of a certain principal and the simple interest obtained from it are in the ratio 10: 3 at 10% interest per annum. The nụmber of vears the money was invested is

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Pipes P and Q can fill a tank in 10 and 12 hours respectively and C can empty it in 6 hours. If all the three are opened at 7 a.m., at what time will one-fourth of the tank be filled ?

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In what time will 15625 amount to 17576 at 4% per annum, compounded yearly ?

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A 240-metre long traín crosses a 360-metre long tunnel in 30 seconds, What is the speed of the train (in km/h) ?

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A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs. 1,326 after allowing a dis- count of 15% on its marked price. Find the marked price of  the article.

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Three numbers are in the ratio 5:7:12.if the sum of the first and the third numbers is greater than the second number by 50. The sum of the three numbers is

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The difference between the cost price and the selling price of a bat is Rs.180. If there is a profit of 20%. then what is the selling price of the bat ?

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Weight of A is 20% more than weightof B, whose weight ís 30% more than weight of C. By how much percent weight of A is more than weight of C ?

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